Dermal Fillers are popular, anti-ageing injectable treatment that  volumises and lifts the skin leaving it hydrated, contoured and youthful. With results that can be seen immediately  and no down-time it’s easy to understand why it’s one of our most popular  treatments. The most popular treatment areas include:

  • Nose to Mouth Grooves (known Nasal labial folds)
  • Mouth to chin ( known Marionette lines)
  • Cheeks – to lift and enhance the whole face
  • Chin & Jawline – to sculpt and define
  • Acne Pits & Scarring
  • Lip Lines – to fill lipstick lines, (known as smoker’s lines)
  • Lip Filler- to define the vermilion boarder and add volume and shape to the body of the lips.


Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance within the body which is found the deep layers of the skin known as the dermis, and one of its functions is to keep skin smooth and healthy by helping it retain water. As we age our body’s production of hyaluronic acid gradually declines, resulting in visible signs of ageing. Natural lines and wrinkles deepen, lips lose their fullness, lines appearing around the mouth and nose area, and cheeks lose volume giving them a sunken and hollow appearance.

Dermal Fillers are a man made, non-animal, substance that mimics the body’s natural depleted hyaluronic acid. Once injected the fillers provide support and structure to the skin helping to build new collegen and  giving a plumped and youthful appearance. The semi-permanent fillers provide safe, long- lasting and natural looking results.

There are many facial fillers on the market that are substandard in terms of ingredients and quality. At Skin IQ clinic we only use the most advanced temporary dermal filler ranges available: Juvederm, Restylane and Teosyal ranges. Most importantly, we only allow fully qualified, certified and experienced aesthetic practitioners to inject fillers.


  • The treatment is non-invasive with virtually no recovery time necessary; you can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment.
  • Not permanent and will naturally break down.
  • Dermal Fillers are only performed by a fully trained and experienced Professional
  • Combine with Anti-Wrinkle injections for a complete rejuvenation treatment.
  • Requires no test prior to treatment, unlike collagen injectables which require a skin test to be carried out 28 days prior to treatment.
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Dermal Filler treatments offer patients a wide range of benefits, including a more youthful appearance.
  • This treatment can be used to fill minor to moderate lines and wrinkles and is especially effective around the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • The treatment can be tailored to your needs providing a natural look or more sculpted and defined.

Frequently asked questions

Injectable filler gel adds volume to the skin, plumping it out and giving the appearance of a smoother surface. Filler smooths moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. This treatment is generally used on the lower face for lines around the nose and mouth and lines around the lips (often called 'smoker's lines'). It can also be used to improve the appearance of scars or dents on the face.
Your Practitioner will inject small quantities of filler into the areas where you have lines/wrinkles or indents. The filler of choice used by SkinIQ is Juvéderm® andRestylane, the leading facial fillers available on the market and comes with a local anaesthetic which makes the process relatively painless. It should take approximately 20 minutes and the effects are instant.
You can carry on with your day as normal, although we advise that you avoid strenuous activity/saunas/other facial treatments for up to 24 hours. You will be given full aftercare procedures to help you get the best result possible from your treatment.
Result will obviously depend on treatment area but you can expect to have more fullness, shape and structure to your skin, providing a nice lift and contour to that particular area.
Results can last between 9 – 12 months.
You should not have fillers if you have severe allergies, are pregnant or breastfeeding.